Lagoon asked if I would participate in a Cake Competition to help celebrate their 125 Years of Fun! Of Course I said YES! It was a lot of fun. I was asked to incorporate what I thought was fun about Lagoon and incorporate the theme of 125 years. I went with a time line theme and started out with a spinning car on top which I’m sure a lot of people don’t understand. I actually didn’t learn this fact about Lagoon until doing this cake. But….back in the day Lagoon used to give away a free car every year. The more times you went to Lagoon the better your chance was of winning. In 1959 my Grandparents actually won. So I wanted to incorporate that because I knew no one else would be using that..And they didn’t. The top tier shows just a few of the big names that came and performed at Lagoon, including Johnny Cash, Beach Boys, Kingston Trio and more.

The Rides I show on the lower tiers are just some of my favorites. I was especially proud of how my Rattle Snake turned out. That was a fun and new technique I learned in the process.

This was a nerve racking but great experience. We were featured on Channel 4 news…I’ve never been on the news before so that was scary, but glad it’s over and happy to say I survived! Onto the next thing!!